Know your car's performance

car diagnostics

Our Specialties:

  • Computer scan and Diagnostics
  • Engine Light Diagnostics
  • ABS, SRS Diagnostics & Repair
  • Analyze and solve engine misfires
  • Display real time parameters

HYATTS AUTO CARE we use the latest car diagnostic tools and accessories to widely scan your car performance, strength and burdens. Our expert technicians perform a detailed car scanning and diagnosis check up and submit the report to you in a short time period. By these inspections it helps you to understand your car’s overall performance.

The Main objective of a Car scanning and Diagnosis test is to have a thorough check up on the car’s overall performance by checking the car’s engine, suspension, gearbox, etc.

Our service include:

  • Car Engine Diagnostics
  • Car gearbox diagnostics
  • Diagnostics on car suspension
  • Check emissions readiness
  • Full car Diagnostics
  • Detailed check up on car brake system