Give your car a complete makeover

car paint

Additional Advice.

Once the paint job is done it is important for first few months to take extra care and precautions. Avoiding water washing at the service center is the first thing, as the high-pressure water jets used to clean car can damage the paint significantly.

It is better to clean car at home with simple clothes and water. Also if you are interested you can get ceramic coat paint protection which is the most effective way for lasting glossy look. Ceramic coating also protects against UV exposure, road grime, muck and bird droppings.

Full body car painting

Vehicles body paint is the most important aesthetic aspect of your car. But over the time after 3 to 5 years of riding the car, it looses to the natural forces. In sunny or desert-like climate the colour of the car fades rapidly and in humid weather with heavy rainfall, the gloss of the paint vanishes and the car body succumbs to corrosion.

 Why get a Full Body Re-paint.

Apart from the beauty and good looks, the vehicles body paint serves a more practical purpose by acting as the rust inhibitor. Over the years any vehicle is bound to suffer few scratches and the paint starts to fade. This leaves the metal exposed to nature’s elements which accelerates the corrosion process.

The full body re-paint proves to be a major factor in the resale value of your vehicle.