Restore the same driving experience

  • At Hyatts Auto Care we examine the following:

    • We thoroughly examine overall suspension and steering systems
    • Complete inspection on the shock absorbers and replaced if required
    • Wheel alignment Check-up

    It is very hard to drive a car smoothly without proper alignment of the wheel, steering and suspension. Mostly, if your car goes through a mishap then we make sure that the suspensions are restored in their actual position so that give you the same driving experience

    Our Suspension Services:
  •  Air Shocks Observer
  •  Complete Under Carriage Services
  •  Suspension Alignments
  •  Wheel Balancing
  •  Struts, Axles
  • Performance Suspension Upgrade

Hyatts Auto Care has fully equipped technicians can carefully diagnose the suspensions of your car. Our highly trained mechanics are familiar with all types of suspension systems. They can inspect, diagnose problems, discuss the repairs required with you and then fix your car’s suspension system

When you check your front and rear Suspensions of your car?

  • If your car is not turning properly
  • You found there is some difference in the braking system
  • In case you feel the roads bumpier then they were before

The suspension system plays key role in your safety by keeping the tire on the road as you make turns and hit brakes. Our Suspension specialist are expert in fixing any issues related with the shock absorbs and the suspension systems

A regular suspension service will ensure the comfort and safety of car’s passengers, will protect the endurance of your tires and efficiency of your car.