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Both of these issues and more can cause interior damage that would likely require an engine replacement, as the current engine will be unable to continue running without a complete rebuild.

Poor Maintenance

The motor, along with many other vehicle systems, requires routine maintenance. It is incredibly important to keep on top of these services in order to prevent the need for massive services. Routine maintenance for the engine, such as oil changes, coolant flushes and more, are designed to ensure that the motor remains in peak operating condition. For example, oil changes ensure that the moving parts of the engine have the lubrication necessary to prevent excessive friction that can wear down engine parts.

Add life! - Engine replacement

As a car owner it becomes your responsibility to take action in order to keep your car running as it should. This includes providing it with the maintenance necessary to keep it safe and reliable. While routine preventative care is the best way to ensure that your car doesn’t suffer from major complications, they can still happen due to other reasons. The following are three of the most common reasons your car could need a new engine.

High Mileage

Even with regular maintenance extreme high mileage can take a toll on cars engines. Over the years and the many miles, the friction that does occur can wear down metal which may result in a massive weakening of major engine components. There isn’t much you can do about this, but as long as your maintenance habits are healthy your car will last a long time before needing any massive engine services.

Sudden Malfunction

Not all problems come with a warning. A snapped timing belt or an overheated engine could cause big trouble for the engine as a whole.